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Phil Jackson

for U.S. Congress District 20, Fl
Honor, Courage, Commitment 

 Build better communities for a better tomorrow

"I believe in and support making the $300 per month Child Tax Credit permanent. More critical than ever, I propose to increase the Social Security Benefit for seniors to $2,000. 

We should forgive student debt up to  $50,000 to give our college graduates the chance at a new beginning. Increase the minimum wage to at least $15 per hour. Congress should work across party lines to reform current immigration laws to allow a path to citizenship for our friends and neighbors; I will work to see this through. America has to make the proper investments in cybersecurity and cyber defense to protect its critical infrastructure. We need to protect our western communities of Pahokee, South Bay and Belle Glade from the harmful effects of pre-harvest sugar cane burning by using the latest technologies.  Just as I did doing the redistricting process in the 1990s that lead to the creation of Congressional  District 23 and eventually Congressional District 20 for which I am seeking election, I will work to maintain the gains we have made in the upcoming redistricting process. We have to restore voters' rights protections by passing  the

John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act--HR4 and the For the People Act--HR1." By taking these actions and more, we can


'Build Better Communities for a Better Tomorrow'

--Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson For Congress Florida
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Phil sends his condolences and offers his supports for the earthquack victims in Haiti.  Click the link below to see how to donate.

On The Campaign Trail

McCall Wollman, Owner/CEO

Hoop Link


On behalf of the event management company Hoop Link that helped set up the Balling on the Beach Basketball Tournament at the West Palm Beach Convention Center, we would like to thank Phil Jackson for his tremendous efforts to help make it all happen. Phil helped with assisting in providing labor and work opportunities to local residents.  Phil also worked extremely hard on the installation and break down of the ten basketball courts  that were used for the tournament.  We could not be more grateful for Phil and all his hard work to impact and help the South Florida  community.

--McCall Wollman


Hoop Link

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a threat to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other social programs


Please note:  USO is not affiliated with the Phil Jackson for Congress Committee.

Phil Jackson is a long-time supporter of the USO as they support our sailors and soldiers.

Thank you organizers and attendees at the Northwood Community Reunion,
Coach Calvin and the Little Rams of Gaines Park

Go Rams!
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Phil Jackson For Congress Florida

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